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How to Choose Between RRSP and TFSA: A Quick and Easy Guide

Wednesday Jan 17th, 2024


How to Choose Between RRSP and TFSA: A Quick and Easy Guide If you’re a Canadian who wants to save money for your future, you’ve probably heard of RRSP and TFSA. In this post, I’ll explain the differences between these two popular savings accounts and help you decide which one to use for your retirement goals. What is RRSP? RRSP stands for Registered Retirement Savings Plan. It is a tax-advantaged account that lets you save and invest money for your retirement.... [read more]

Understanding the Taxation of Investment Income in Canada

Tuesday Oct 31st, 2023


Capital Gains In Canada, capital gains refer to the profit you make when you sell an investment tor more than you paid for it. On the bright side, only 50% of capital gains are taxable. For example, if you bought a stock for $100 and sold it for $150, your capital gain would be $50, but only $25 of that gain is taxable. Dividend Income Dividends are a portion of a company's earnings that are paid out to shareholders. Dividends from Canadian corporations receive... [read more]

Your credit score is more than just a number

Monday Aug 7th, 2023


Your credit score is more than just a number; it represents your future home, the one you haven't bought yet. By: Sofia Ryshun, based on Interview with Ksenia Warhol. Think of your credit score as a reflection of your financial responsibility. It provides creditors and lenders with valuable insights into your financial behavior and creditworthiness. The higher your credit score is more likely you are to be approved for substantial loans, including a mortgage, at favorable interest... [read more]

Unlocking the Door to Your First Home: The Canadian Government's First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

Monday Jul 31st, 2023


Unlocking the Door to Your First Home: The Canadian Government's First Home Savings Account (FHSA) By Sofia Rushyn For many individuals and families, buying their first home is a dream that often seems out of reach due to the high costs associated with real estate. However, the Canadian Government has introduced an innovative solution to help turn that dream into reality—the First Home Savings Account (FHSA). This new incentive, part of the Home Buyer's Plan, offers a... [read more]

Worthy causes newsletter February 2022

Monday Jan 31st, 2022


THE GIVING IT BACK AND PAYING IT FORWARD REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER | FEBRUARY 2022                                                       XENA WARHOL 416-829-0340         Selling Your Home and Getting Top... [read more]

Worthy causes newsletter January 2022

Wednesday Dec 29th, 2021


THE GIVING IT BACK AND PAYING IT FORWARD REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER | JANUARY 2022                                                       XENA WARHOL 416-829-0340           Selling Your Home and Getting... [read more]

The Latest in Kitchen Fire Prevention: What You Need to Know

Wednesday Aug 18th, 2021


The Latest in Kitchen Fire Prevention: What You Need to Know More fires start in the kitchen than in any other room. These fires can be expensive; since even a minor incident, with no injuries, can result in significant damage. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the latest in fire prevention. The most recent research tells us: Never leave cooking food unattended. Doing so is the number one cause of kitchen fires. Make sure cooking appliances, especially deep... [read more]

Packing Materials You May Need for your Move

Thursday Aug 5th, 2021


Beyond Boxes: Packing Materials You May Need for your Move As you probably know, when you’re preparing to move, you’ll need boxes and tape — and, perhaps some bubble-wrap or old newspapers to use as protective wrapping for delicate items. But that may not be all you need. Take a look at this list and see if you want to have any of these on hand while you’re packing or on your moving day: Colour markers for labelling boxes. (Tip: Colour coding boxes by... [read more]

4 Ways to Save When Moving to Your New Home

Wednesday Mar 24th, 2021


4 Ways to Save When Moving to Your New Home Between renting a truck and paying for an attorney, the costs of moving can add up, and fast. But there are easy ways to save when it comes to making a big move, if you know where to look. Read on for four sure-fire ways to save some cash during your next move: First, declutter. Many moving companies will charge you based on the size and weight of your possessions. To cut down on costs, be sure to do a major purge well before your move.... [read more]

@HAVEN Magazine update

Tuesday Dec 15th, 2020


Congratulations to my team, Our listing got featured in @HAVEN Magazine, for outstanding staging design. Congratulations to Sellers Mykola and Julia, owners of this gorgeous beauty! [read more]

Award winning team

Wednesday Oct 28th, 2020


Congratulations to my award winning team!!!!  We just received an award for our exceptional real estate results. Thanks to our couches from US Craig Proctor, Todd Walters and Bret Ceren. Thanks to all our clients, it wouldn’t be possible without your help and love.  Thank you special thanks to Lidia Kulish,Rav Sandhu, Persia Atyabi, Marina Ivanova, Tetiana Shcherbai and Francis Rut, you guys are the best!!! We love,we care, we serve!!! [read more]


Wednesday Jan 1st, 2020


Here is my Real Estate Market Forecast and Predictions for Toronto GTA for 2020  Please check out Video  I always give my forecast for real estate market, so traditional forecast for 2020 Here are few predictions-Prices for homes will continue to grow .  why I think so? Here is why! Increased consumer confidence could be a key factor affecting the housing market in 2020 • 51% of Canadians are... [read more]

ORBIT new Futuristic Development in Toronto GTA

Friday Dec 6th, 2019


The Town of Innisfil is known to most Ontarians as a collection of sleepy villages, cottages, and rural farmland, with rolling hills and a slice of Lake Simcoe shoreline providing picturesque landscapes. Located just south of Barrie and roughly 60km north of Toronto, Innisfil has a population of around 36,600 people spread across numerous small communities over 263 square kilometres, comparable in area to the City of Mississauga. But despite its relative obscurity, Innisfil has been making a... [read more]

What The Election Results Mean for Canada’s Housing Market

Monday Nov 4th, 2019


Real Estate Trends What The Election Results Mean for Canada’s Housing Market Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party now have a new minority government. But what does this really mean for Canadian home buyers and sellers? By REW (Real Estate Wire) November 1, 2019   Last week’s Federal Election will have ripple effects across every Canadian market, and housing is no different. In fact, home ownership was one of the hottest issues during the campaign, as... [read more]

November Home Newsletter 2019

Tuesday Oct 22nd, 2019


If you dont see this massage properly and with pictures please click on the link below   Please click on the link to see November 2019 News letter If you dont see this massage properly and with pictures please click on the link below                         --------- HOMENewsletter November... [read more]

The Top 6 Things That Will Impact Fall Real Estate in Canada

Wednesday Sep 11th, 2019


The Top 6 Things That Will Impact Fall Real Estate in Canada 2019's fall home buying trends are looking pretty surprising.     Back to school and off to work! The post-labour day time usually coincides with supply shopping  and settling in after relaxing summer vibes - but it also tends to kick off Canada’s fall real estate markets, with home buyers and homeowners looking ahead to their next steps.  However, before they make a move, buyers and... [read more]

Toronto-area home prices, sales rise for a fifth-consecutive month @ The Star

Wednesday Aug 14th, 2019


REAL ESTATE Toronto-area home prices, sales rise for a fifth-consecutive month By Tess KalinowskiReal Estate Reporter Wed., June 5, 2019timer2 min. read Toronto region home prices rose a fifth consecutive month in May — up 3.1 per cent on average year over year to $838,540 including all types of housing. The number of sales also grew substantially — showing a 19 per cent year over year increase. But the Toronto... [read more]

Free money from government for purchase of home?! here is how

Thursday Jun 27th, 2019


Back in March, the Federal government and CHMC announced that they would be injecting money into the real estate market via “contributions” to first-time home buyers of up to 10%. It was unclear what the details were... that is, until last week. The Details - Now we have some further details to share - the following is a summary of the program: This program starts in September 2019 Eligible for 5% of a resale home Eligible for 5% or 10% of a pre-construction... [read more]

I'm on the mission to help 10 families with Habitat for humanity this year

Thursday May 9th, 2019


I'm on the mission to raise money to help 10 families with Habitat for Humanity to get the roof above their heads this year. Special thank you from Kim and Kevin and their five kids, who got their new house. I help people to find their new homes, but I'm also passionate to help people, who need it the most, but are homeless or cannot afford it. Every time you or anyone you know, buying or selling a home with me I donate a portion of commissions to help people who need the roof... [read more]

Pre Construction condo Bloor Yorkville an Ideal downtown location from 500s, meet 55C

Thursday May 9th, 2019


MOD Developments and architects Alliance are collaborating to create 55 Charles Street East, a mixed-use downtown high-rise with distinctive modern style. This ambitious project will join a legacy collection of high-density buildings clustered around the Yonge and Bloor area while distinguishing itself through bold, arresting exterior architecture. A varied and complete range of floor plan options will also include a limited number... [read more]

How Much Will You Pay to Own a Home Close to the GO Transit Line?

Wednesday Apr 3rd, 2019


PRIL 2, 2019 How Much Will You Pay to Own a Home Close to the GO Transit Line? Posted by Penelope Graham under Infographics, Real Estate News Share51 Tweet Share 51SHARES   Home buyers in pricey markets are all too familiar with the term “drive until you qualify” – trading close proximity to employment in the city core for more affordable housing options in further-flung communities. It’s a common strategy for... [read more]

A first-time home buyer’s guide to Canadian government programs and incentives

Thursday Mar 21st, 2019


A first-time home buyer’s guide to Canadian government programs and incentives 8231Shares   Photos: James Bombales Whether you want to stop paying skyrocketing rental rates, start building equity, or own property that can be passed down to your children, purchasing a home is likely a long-term goal of yours. However, with rising home costs and the mortgage stress test introduced in 2018, achieving that goal can be a challenge for many Canadians.... [read more]

Buying a home? CMHC could soon kick in 10% of the cost - for a price

Tuesday Mar 19th, 2019


  Buying a home? CMHC could soon kick in 10% of the cost - for a price Social Sharing Facebook LinkedIn Email Reddit The government is earmarking $1.25B over three years for something it's calling a "shared equity mortgage" Pete Evans · CBC News · Posted: Mar 19, 2019 4:25 PM ET | Last Updated: 2 hours ago   The federal budget unveiled on Tuesday... [read more]

RBC cuts five-year fixed mortgage rate, other banks expected to follow

Thursday Jan 17th, 2019


RBC cuts five-year fixed mortgage rate, other banks expected to follow JANET MCFARLANDREAL ESTATE REPORTER PUBLISHED JANUARY 16, 2019 UPDATED 1 DAY AGO Email to friendShare on twitterShare on facebookShare on linkedinShare on whatsapp Royal Bank of Canada has become the first of the major banks to lower its posted interest rate for five-year fixed-term mortgages, a move that has been widely anticipated amid tumbling bond... [read more]

6 homes designed with cats in mind

Tuesday Jan 15th, 2019


Cat Architecture: 6 Homes Designed With Felines in Mind Add to     10 Share By Michele Koh Morollo – January 3, 2019 View Photos VIEWS 43K SHARE   10 2                 These cat-friendly homes allow people and their pets to live   together in perfect... [read more]

Forecast and predictions for Real Estate market in Toronto for 2019

Saturday Dec 15th, 2018


I don't have a crystal ball, and even the most meticulous economists are sometimes not sure. So here is my forecast... Despite predictions by some economist, that market might stop growing I think that Real Estate Market in Toronto will start to grow in 2019 Trend in Toronto is a little different  in comparison  to  rest of the country, due to the fact, that almost all immigrants coming to Toronto. Even with all government efforts to suppress demand for properties... [read more]

Market Watch October 2018

Tuesday Nov 6th, 2018


Market Watch Infographic - October 2018   As we wraped up October here is Report on whats going on on the market. Bank of Canada raised mortgage rate in October by 0.25%, however if you hurry, I might still be able to sceure old mortgage rates for... [read more]

How new Legalization of Marijuana Rules affect you as Homeowner?

Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2018


So from now on Tenants and Landlords will be legally permited to purchase, posess and grow limited ammounts of marijuana. We al know if you smoke inside, walls, wood and textiles trap the smell of smoke and stays there forever, so it gets very hard to get rid of it.     If you are travelling to US, if you posess marijuana, you smoked same day, or if you work for Cannabis Companies, or even if you invest in Cannabis stocks you could be turned away at the custom. Pot users... [read more]

New CMHC rules will make it easier for the self-employed to get mortgages

Thursday Sep 27th, 2018


    New CMHC rules will make it easier for the self-employed to get mortgages By: Jessica Mach on July 23, 2018   SHARE   TWEET In Canada, convincing a lender to give you a mortgage is not exactly easy for anybody these days. But, there are some home buyers who have a harder time than most — and the self-employed definitely rank among them. The less predictable aspects of self-employment, like fluctuating... [read more]

Shocking photos of 450 K Hamilton house, looks like horror movie

Wednesday Aug 22nd, 2018


This $450K Hamilton real estate listing looks like a horror movie set Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Realtor says there has been a 'lot of interest' from prospective buyers   Adam Carter · CBC News · Posted: Aug 22, 2018 11:41 AM ET | Last Updated: an hour ago   This is the inside of a downtown Hamilton home that is listed for sale online at $450,000. (Bob... [read more]

CMHC wants to make it easier for self-employed Canadians to get a mortgage

Friday Jul 20th, 2018


CMHC wants to make it easier for self-employed Canadians to get a mortgage CMHC is giving lenders more guidance and flexibility on determining whether a self-employed person qualifies for a mortgage The new reality of the real estate market8:31 The Canadian Press July 19, 2018 11:06 AM EDT Filed under Real Estate   Mortgages Comment Facebook Twitter Reddit Email More RECOMMENDED... [read more]

When couples separate in today’s housing market, both are going to take a big financial hit

Monday Jul 16th, 2018


When couples separate in today’s housing market, both are going to take a big financial hit   ZOSIA BIELSKI PUBLISHED JULY 2, 2018UPDATED JULY 2, 2018 Open this photo in gallery Masood Azam. FRED LUM/THE GLOBE AND MAIL Masood Azam knows intimately the meaning of downsizing. After his separation in 2016, the learning analyst went from a six-bedroom home to a 900-square-foot condo in Toronto – the... [read more]

Why prices for Real Estate will see more big changes Forecast for second part of 2018

Wednesday Jul 4th, 2018


Overview Canada’s housing market looks promising this year as a few key trends continue to impact real estate in the country. One major trend is foreign buyers’ demand for luxury real estate, especially in Vancouver where 85% of luxury real estate transactions were from foreign investments. Another trend is the upsurge of technology hotspots in Canada’s major cities. Google has plans to construct an innovation offshoot in Toronto, and large video game companies have... [read more]

Where are next Great spots for Real Estate Investment?

Friday Jun 22nd, 2018


Subway lines to Pickering, Markham, in the long-term, says Doug Ford By KRISTIN RUSHOWYQueen's Park Bureau BEN SPURRTransportation Reporter Thu., June 21, 2018           Commuters from the 905 should have an easy ride into downtown Toronto, says Premier-designate Doug Ford whose long-term plan is for subways to the suburbs. Speaking in Pickering Thursday morning, Ford said... [read more]

Why are Detached House Prices Stable When sales are falling

Monday Jun 18th, 2018


Why are Detached House Prices Stable When Sales are Falling? By John Pasalis   35     One of the questions I get often from buyers is how house prices can remain stable while sales are declining and inventory is increasing?  Many are correctly referring back to their Economics 101 classes where they learnt that a decline in sales and/or a rise in inventory can cause prices to fall - but are forgetting that our starting point... [read more]

Prices for Condos in Toronto went up by 40%

Wednesday May 2nd, 2018


Sales of new condos in Toronto have more or less fallen off a cliff, down 66.5 per cent in March compared to the same month a year earlier. So what did prices do? They soared by nearly 40 per cent during the same period. That's according to new data from the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD GTA), which reports that there were 1,649 new condos sold in Greater Toronto in March, down from 4,329 the same month a year earlier. Keep in mind that last year... [read more]

Canadian home prices rise as Toronto sees first gain in 6 months

Wednesday Feb 21st, 2018


Canadian home prices rise as Toronto sees first gain in 6 months National house price index rose 0.3% in January, while Toronto prices rose 0.2% Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani · CBC News · Posted: Feb 14, 2018 2:11 PM ET | Last Updated: February 14   Toronto's yearly gain on the index of 8.4 per cent was still below the national average of 8.7 per cent in January. (Graeme Roy/The Canadian Press) comments The Canadian real... [read more]

New Type of Real Estate Fraud

Tuesday Jan 30th, 2018


Wealthy 'ghost immigrants' using empty homes to claim citizenship: tax expert Some foreign investors, particularly those from China, are taking advantage of Canadian loopholes to become ghost immigrants, according to David Lesperance, a tax and immigration consultant with Lesperance & Associates. Lesperance cites one recent judge’s decision from a lawsuit in which the judge said Chinese millionaire Guoqing Fu bought multiple multi-million-dollar homes in Canada while... [read more]

Top 5 factors which will affect Real Estate prices in 2018 in Toronto

Tuesday Jan 9th, 2018


Stress tests, foreign buyers and higher rates likely to impact housing market in 2018 New OSFI regulations and a requirement for more open data have changed the rules By Pete Evans, CBC News Posted: Jan 02, 2018 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018 9:08 AM ET A real estate sign stands in front of a house for sale in Ottawa in August 2017. With some big changes on the horizon, housing topics are likely to dominate Canadian headlines again this... [read more]

Loblaw Companies Ltd. is offering customers a $25 gift card

Tuesday Dec 19th, 2017


Loblaws is giving away $25 gift cads,  as a goodwill gesture after admitting the company participated in an industry-wide bread price-fixing arrangement.  Here is a link where you could get your card here is more information on how to get it below   [read more]

Why Canadian Real Estate market is failing to fall

Tuesday Dec 19th, 2017


Reasons why the Canadian property market refuses to fall: Don Pittis So far low interest rates, a strong economy and large immigration are thwarting the doomsayers By Don Pittis, CBC News Posted: Nov 14, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 1:20 PM ET People walk past a notification about two proposed condo towers in Toronto. (Don Pittis/CBC) 549... [read more]

Home sales rise to November record

Tuesday Dec 19th, 2017


Home sales rise to November record as average price hits $504,000 Real estate group speculates that some buyers and rushing to get in before new rules in January By Pete Evans, CBC News Posted: Dec 14, 2017 9:36 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017 11:07 AM ET The average price of a Canadian home that sold in November was just over $500,000, CREA said Thursday. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg) 52... [read more]

Russian website streaming hundreds of cameras in Canada, make sure its not your house or office

Thursday Dec 14th, 2017


CANADA   December 14, 2017 6:00 am Updated: December 14, 2017 3:30 pm Russian website streaming hundreds of cameras in Canada, experts warn your connected devices could be at risk By Andrew RussellNational Online Journalist, Investigative  Global News 16 2.6k   206     more WATCH ABOVE: Websites have tapped into thousands of cameras from around the world. Here's what cyber-security experts say you... [read more]

Zoning Information in the GTA

Wednesday Dec 13th, 2017


Zoning Information in the GTA (TREB) Municipalities across the GTA are starting to provide zoning information on their websites. This information is not always easy to find. We have provided links below to electronic zoning information that we are aware of. We have also provided a link to a pdf document below outlining the availability of zoning information across the GTA such as hard copy documents. Links are also provided to zoning maps and/or bylaws on municipal websites. READ THIS... [read more]

New Airbnb rules will ban Toronto from offering up basement apartments, do you think its for the better?

Sunday Dec 10th, 2017


    UPDATES Our Privacy Policy is updating effective Dec. 14, 2017. Click here to see more.     News City Hall New Airbnb rules will ban Toronto owners from offering up basement apartments Fear of impact on affordable housing market trumped arguments for property owners’ rights in council vote.   Alex Dagg, Airbnb Canada's public policy manager, said Toronto needs... [read more]

NEW Mortgage Stress test: What's new?

Wednesday Nov 29th, 2017


Implementation of the New Stress Test for Uninsured Mortgages Last month the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) confirmed the implementation of a new minimum qualifying stress test for uninsured mortgages. Guideline B-20 now requires borrowers who have a down payment of 20% or more to qualify for a mortgage at a higher rate. Borrowers will have to be approved at either the five-year mortgage rate published by the Bank of Canada (currently 4.99%)... [read more]

Federal government looks to provinces for Billions to support housing plan

Thursday Nov 23rd, 2017


NATIONAL HOUSING PLAN Federal government looks to provinces for billions to support housing plan Open this photo in gallery: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits a housing development in Toronto's Lawrence Heights neighbourhood on Nov. 22, 2017. CHRIS YOUNG/THE CANADIAN PRESS BILL CURRY AND JEFF GRAY OTTAWA/TORONTO 15 HOURS AGONOVEMBER 22, 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau... [read more]

Super funny Real Estate photos part 2

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


15 of 20 20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos Flood insurance? We don't need no stinkin' flood insurance! 16 of 20 20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos Don't let this homeowner's love of scary masks put you off. I'm sure there's no accompanying murder room anywhere on the property.  17 of 20 20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate... [read more]

Super Funny Real Estate Listings photos

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


by Beverly Jenkins Updated March 03, 2017 01 of 20 20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos In 2013, Scotland resident Andy Donaldson was house hunting when he noticed a strange trend among the real estate listings he was perusing. Simply put, many of the listings he came across contained photographs so appalling that he could not help but see their comedic value. So he did what any normal, funny young guy would do; he started a... [read more]

great time to buy-Quick Real Estate Market Review November 2017

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


It looks like Real Estate market hit the bottom.   Here are quick review, it looks like numbers for Toronto are even lower, in comparison to November of last year. Great time to buy real estate!   Canadian Qualifying Rate Nov 2017 Rate 4.99% Source: Bank of Canada     Current Posted Mortgage... [read more]

Energuide home evaluation, everything you need to know

Tuesday Oct 31st, 2017


Everything you need to know about an EnerGuide home evaluation Nicole Power - Federal Affairs - September 26, 2017     Interested in helping your clients save on energy bills while also increasing home comfort? EnerGuide, the official mark of the Government of Canada for its energy performance rating and labeling program, is a great place to start. WHAT MAKES A HOME ENERGY-EFFICIENT? With an EnerGuide home evaluation, an energy advisor will... [read more]

Giant Zucchini harvest in the back yard

Wednesday Oct 25th, 2017


In the fall everybody is happy to pick their harvest. I was showing the house to clients and was amazed by these giant Zucchini's each 2.5 m or 8 feet long. Owners were very proud of their harvest and allowed me to take a picture. That's the harvest!!! [read more]

How to Sell Your Home in a Slowing Market

Tuesday Oct 24th, 2017


How to Sell Your Home in a Slowing Market   As the market begins to slow, it is essential to know what it takes to sell a home.  Rare is the occasion when sellers have multiple offers the first day on the market, though it can still happen.  In this market, sellers need to work harder than ever to ensure their home is getting the amount of exposure they desire, and also to be prepared to wait for an offer to come their way.  Here are some tips from local real... [read more]

Avoid These Costly Mistakes Before Selling a Home

Tuesday Oct 24th, 2017


Avoid These Costly Mistakes Before Selling a Home   You've decided to sell your home. You have advertisements paid for and buyers lined up at your door. You are ready to accept an offer and sell your home today! A piece of cake, right? Not so fast. You could end up losing the sale or even worse, get sued by an angry buyer who misunderstood what was advertised or what was said.   1.   Don't Sell Before You Get Qualified to Buy Your New... [read more]

List of Super foods to Boost your Immune system this season

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


List Of Superfoods that help boost immune health This list of superfoods contains only the foods that "earned" their place on it by meeting several requirements which we will be discussing below. First of all, there are several vitamins and minerals that have a special positive effect on the immunity because they are the cofactors of Glutathioneproduction. Their sufficient consumption, according to the studies, delivers a better immune response, which lowers the incidence... [read more]

When selling a house, please don't do these funny mistakes, when make a photo

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


Hilarious listing photos show what not to do when putting your house on the market Sarah Jacobs     Oct. 17, 2017, 1:00 PM 56,350 FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER EMAIL PRINT You might want to remove anything creepy before listing your home online.Zillow   Andy Donaldson has been running the Tumblr "Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos" since 2013.   Ever since he went... [read more]

Best Teas for fall to keep you protected

Tuesday Oct 10th, 2017


9 Best Teas To Boost Your Immunity And Help You Relax This Fall Teas are more powerful than you may think. by Larell Scardelli October 4, 2017   LARELL SCARDELLI Well, it’s happening. The leaves are falling and if you listen closely, sweaters sing gleefully from the back of our closets. Our mugs are giddy too, because there’s no better way to warm up to fall than with a cup of tea. “Hot teas are an easy way to... [read more]

My new signs

Monday Sep 25th, 2017


 Canadian winter is quite long, with days shorter during fall, spring and especially winter. People usually getting to work in the morning, when it's still dark and getting home late, when its even darker. Real estate for Sale Signs are not so well visible during dark time of the day and bed weather. So I've accepted the challenge and decided I have to create signs, which will be well visible  in any weather, any time of the day. Please meet my new signs, they are bright... [read more]

Are prices for real estate going down? Please share your opinion

Tuesday Sep 19th, 2017


Some people might think that prices for Real Estate are going down in Toronto, after government implemented multiple measures to calm market down. Not to mention that Bank of Canada rate went up by 0.25% two times since September 2016 from 0.75% to 1.25% and the same is true for prime rate. We all remember crazy price spike in February, March and part of April, then prices stabilized, after implemented measures, but they did not go down to before the spike level. Despite all of the... [read more]

When is the best time to sell real estate?!

Wednesday Sep 6th, 2017


The video below guides you on the fundamental conditions that determine whether or not you should list your home. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out by contacting me or using the form below.   [read more]

When is the best time to buy a house?

Tuesday Sep 5th, 2017


The video below outlines the ideal timing to purchase your new home. Not every purchase is the same - which is why I've broken down these fundamentals into three scenarios: first time home buyers, up-sizing or upgrading to a desired neighbourhood, and investment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or use the form below.   [read more]

Why choose Art in Real Estate?

Monday Sep 4th, 2017


In the video below you will discover what Art in Real Estate stands for, and why Ksenia Warhol is the best choice for your real estate needs! Comments are welome below.   [read more]

Foreclosure v.s. Power of Sale

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016


In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner is past-due on their monthly mortgage payments, they pave the way for a “foreclosure” on their property. In today’s market, banks and other lenders do not turn to foreclosure to take away the homes of homeowners who are in arrears. Instead, they perform a "Power of Sale" which is wholly different from a Foreclosure. What is a Foreclosure? Foreclosures are laborious, grueling, and costly to both the... [read more]


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