Energuide home evaluation, everything you need to know

Tuesday Oct 31st, 2017


Everything you need to know about an EnerGuide home evaluation


Interested in helping your clients save on energy bills while also increasing home comfort? EnerGuide, the official mark of the Government of Canada for its energy performance rating and labeling program, is a great place to start.


Energy home.

With an EnerGuide home evaluation, an energy advisor will recommend energy efficiency improvements specific to a home. If a home has an EnerGuide label, it means an EnerGuide home evaluation was completed.

The evaluation provides useful information that can come in handy for both sellers and buyers. The service includes:

  • A visit by an energy advisor – an energy advisor will evaluate the home’s energy performance from the basement to the attic.
  • Home energy use information – the evaluation provides detailed information about a home’s energy performance and which components are the best retrofit options for reducing consumption.
  • An EnerGuide rating and home label – following the evaluation, an EnerGuide rating and label will be affixed to the electrical panel. A second label with an improved rating is provided if the homeowner conducts upgrades based on the energy advisor’s recommendations.
  • Personalized recommendations – these recommendations can help homeowners make informed decisions about which upgrades or renovations would save the most energy and money.

If your clients are in the market for a new home, they may ask for a copy of the EnerGuide homeowner report to learn more about the home’s energy performance and any related energy efficiency upgrades. If an evaluation was completed, the report could help in the decision-making process when comparing the property to others.

On the other hand, if your clients are selling their home, consider letting prospective buyers know if the home has an energy efficiency home label. Labels such an EnerGuide can be an appealing selling feature for energy-conscious buyers.

To arrange for an EnerGuide home evaluation, contact a service organization in your area listed on Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan’s) website.

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