When selling a house, please don't do these funny mistakes, when make a photo

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


Hilarious listing photos show what not to do when putting your house on the market

Zillow real estateYou might want to remove anything creepy before listing your home online.Zillow


Andy Donaldson has been running the Tumblr "Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos" since 2013.


Ever since he went through his own house-hunting experience, Donaldson has been blogging about the most unflattering photos of homes he comes across online.

Below, see a collection of this year's worst photos, showing sellers what they shouldn't do while prepping their home for a photo shoot by realtors. 

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Homeowners, you can't trick potential buyers into thinking your garage is a dining room.


Four walls around a bathroom are usually considered an essential part of a home.


You may want to clean up a bit before pulling out the camera.


Before photographing, it's best to remove all your baby dolls from the bed ...


... and from the ceiling.


Bed sheets don't count as curtains.


Closets and bathrooms are — and always should be — two separate things.


The same goes for kitchens and bathrooms.


Real estate agents, be honest with your clients and tell them if their decor is terrifying ...


... or if their style is just a bit over the top.


Plants can be a great addition to a home — in moderation.


The least these homeowners could have done was turn off the TV.


Be sure to wake everyone up in the house before photographing bedrooms.


Some homeowners don't even bother to drain the bathwater ...


... or remove excess furniture.


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