Ontario Place is getting is getting new botanical gardens during its big revival

Tuesday Aug 03rd, 2021


Ontario Place is getting is getting new water slides and botanical gardens during its big revival

The dilapidated remains of what was once one of the best attractions in the province are facing a new life in the form of a completely revitalized Ontario Place, complete with a huge new indoor-outdoor performance venue, an all-season adventure park, and a "wellbeing resort" that will have pools, waterslides, tropical botanical gardens, and more.

German-born, Austrian-based Therme Group will be constructing the above-mentioned new amenities on the 155-acre property, as well as outdoor parks and gathering spaces, trails and promenades, gardens, beaches, and sports and recovery facilities.

While some of Therme's services will obviously be paid, the outdoor spaces will be free for all to use, and the whole attraction will be all-season, in line with the province's plan for a top destination that will be open to locals and visitors every day of the year.

The European company will also use its network of arts and culture organizations to bring unique programming to Therme Canada Ontario Place, which the province states in a release will "give people the opportunity to enjoy a day of fun at the waterfront and participate in immersive arts experiences outside the spaces of galleries and museums."

Though the Therme aspect of the new iteration of the park may appeal more to adults than, say, the aerial obstacle courses and climbing walls in the adventure park, it will be family-friendly with offerings for all ages, and allegedly at an affordable price point, too.

While the adventure park is slated to open in 2024 and the revamped Budweiser Stage in 2030, there is no firm date yet for the remaining parts of the enormous undertaking, throughout which certain iconic elements of the largely decommissioned 50-year-old park — such as the Cinesphere — will be preserved.

Residents, thus far fairly critical of the fact that these private companies were selected by the province behind closed doors, will be invited to contribute their thoughts and feedback on the redevelopment through Ontario.ca/OntarioPlace  starting next month.

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